Vision and Values


The West Coast TimeBank is a network of members sharing their time and skills without the need for money.

We are motivated by the desire to help creating sustainable communities, in which people can thrive and be happy and feel safe and appreciated.


And, we would like to raise the status and value of the  tremendous  amount of work, that is largely taken for granted or is unseen and unacknowledged, that is done  by everyday people all the time out of compassion, caring and love.


We are operating to facilitate exchanges that honour the belief and value that...

... we are all assets - every human being has something to contribute;

… trough co- operation  and co- creation social networks are built and strenthened which help to build trust and relationships with others and contribute to creating better places to live and meaningful lives.

... the quality of our life is very much dependant on the quality of our relationships;